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2010 Concrete/Flowable Fill Prices

We are pleased to issue this contract for the following prices for the project listed above in full load lots and subject to terms and conditions below and reverse side.

Concrete Mixes:       

2500 PSI AE  $ 84.00 per cubic yard                                                                         

3000 PSI AE $ 85.00 per cubic yard    

3500 PSI AE $ 87.00  per cubic yard                                                                                                      

4000 PSI AE $ 88.00 per cubic yard  

Class C   AE $ 90.00  per cubic yard                                              


Flowable  Fill Mixes:

CDF-1        $48.00   per cubic yard

Flash Fill (FF-1)   $ 58.00  per cubic yard

Fuel surcharge  of a $.50  cy for every$ .50 that fuel is over $1.50 a gallon
Regular Hours are Weekdays 7:00am – 5:00pm  After 5:00 add $10.00 cy
Saturday orders(if we are  open) add $5.00 c.y  Orders 7:30 till 11:00 Overtime Charges apply after 12 Noon (Closed Nov-March)
 Add $5.00 per cy for orders outside of Hamilton County                                                                                           Add an additional  $50.00 per truck for Clermont County Orders                                                                                        CRM makes no representation, warranty or covenant that the products listed above in this bid/proposal meet the requirements or specifications. CRM will not be liable to you or your company for any damages or delays caused
by anyone disallowing the use of the products described in this bid/proposal including any additional cost incurred by you or your company in procuring replacement products.

DELIVERY CHARGES - 5-5.99 yds. = $60.00, 4 yds.= $70.00, 3 yds.= $85.00, 2 yds.= $110.00, 1yd.= 130.00
One delivery charge for concrete will be waived if  one full load (10cy) has been delivered previously that day of the SAME mix.

            Extra bag of cement                            $7.00 bag                Fibermesh                        $8.00 c.y.
            1% Accelerator                                  $5.00 c.y                 Pea Gravel                      $4.00 c.y.
           2% Accelerator                                   $6.00 c.y.                Retarder                          $4.00 c.y.
            1% Non-Chloride                                $8.00 c.y.               H/E                                   $7.00 c.y.
           2% Non-Chloride                                $10.00 c.y.               Superplasticziser $4.00 c.y.
           Winter Chg                                         $3.00 c.y.(Nov 1- Mar 31.)

Dumping Charge   $ 40.00 for concrete left on of 2cy or more!                                                                                                        Prices Subject to Change after: 90 Days

There is a 1c.y. min. charge plus D/C on Flash Fill  loads not used.

REGULAR OPERATING HOURS ARE: 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM Weekdays- Overtime charges out of Regular hours  and on Holiday and Weekends will be $ 10.00 a c.y. plus plant time.

UNLOADING TIME: - 5 minutes per yard free; one dollar per minute thereafter.

WINTER CHARGE: - A winter charge of  $3.00 per c.y. will be added to meet ACI 305.1-87. and to offset winter operation costs.Add $15/c.y. when temperature is below 15 degrees.

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